Relevant Parties of REIT


with important Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures that the REIT Manager manages the REIT in accordance with the Trust Deed.
  • Accounts assets which belong to the REIT separately from the Trustee’s assets. And oversees all transactions occurred at the REIT level.
  • Attends unit holders meeting and provide opinions when the REIT Manager seeks resolution on whether certain matters are in accordance with the Trust Deed.
  • Organizes a meeting with unit holders to seek resolutions when selecting a new REIT Manager (in case a change in REIT Manager is required).

REIT Manager

with important Duties and Responsibilities

  • Submits an application of public offering with the SEC.
  • Determines the REIT operation and investment strategies.
  • Invests and seeks benefits from real estate.
  • Manages the REIT in accordance to the Trust Deed and relevant codes.
  • Calculates and discloses the value of real estate in the REIT and the value of the REIT unit.
  • Maintains real estate in a condition suitable to seek benefits.
  • Determine dividend payment.
  • Organizes an annual meeting and any requested by the unit holders.