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Prospect REIT Management Company Limited (PRM) has established since November 29th, 2019, the company was registered with an authorized capital of 10,000,000 Baht.

Since March 26th, 2020, PRM has been approved by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be a REIT manager.

PRM has a high commitment to REIT management, and a professional growth with the best return regularly for investors based on its great supervision and business integrity.

PRM has established since
29 November 2019
PRM has been approved by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be a REIT manager
26 March 2020
A specialist approach

A great teamwork with expertise of REIT management performs smoothly and efficiently.

REIT Manager

  • Highly experienced team of REIT management and Property Fund management for both being REIT Manager and Trustee, and also Property Manager could clearly clarify an overall of REIT.
  • Highly skilled team of varied asset management such as property, industrial, office, retail and hospitality could share many aspects in terms of REIT management.

Property Manager

  • Property Manager has been a leader of business development and management of real estate and prefabricated warehouse, prefab factory building, rental distribution center, and also management of industrial zones in both General Zone and Free Zone for over 14 years.
  • Property Manager Team has proven expertise and direct experience in various types of property management such as factory and industrial warehouse, and retail.
  • High standard of practice and great experience of sales and marketing have been proved in providing new tenants, coordinating and supporting the tenants as one stop service.

Organization Structure

Company’s structure consists of an executive board, chief executive officer, and another 4 main departments that operate all processes under the chief executive officer’s supervision; Asset Management Department, Business Development & Investor Relation Department, Financial & Back Office Department, and Compliance & Risk Management.

Vision and Mission

Core Value

Prospect REIT Management: PRM

Professional Management:

  • Professionally managing REIT to be in the same level of foreign REIT.
  • Effectively managing REIT with expected best return for unitholders, and building the regular growth investment.


  • Managing REIT efficiently, rightly, completely according to the concerned regulations.
  • Offering the necessary information in order to create the best comprehension for investors and persons interested in REIT.
  • Paying great attention to each question or rational doubt of unitholders, investors and people involved.

Maintain Discipline:

  • Seeking for high quality properties, strong revenue streams from many proprietors and various types of property into REIT portfolio.
  • Improving and maintaining high standard of REIT management, including high level of investment.
Board of Directors and Management Team

PRM is led by the executive board of directors and intellectual management team with decades of experience

in property management, professionally offer expertise, and high-quality REIT management in order to deliver a clear picture of REIT.

Mr. Vorasit Pokachaiyapat

Mr. Vorasit Pokachaiyapat

Ms. Rachanee Mahatdetkul

Ms. Rachanee Mahatdetkul

Ms. Pakavalee Jearsawatvattana
Independent Director

Ms. Pakavalee Jearsawatvattana

Ms. Aon-Anong Chaithong (Acting Head of Business Development & Investor Relation Dept. and Head of Compliance & Risk Management Dept.)
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Aon-Anong Chaithong (Acting Head of Business Development & Investor Relation Dept. and Head of Compliance & Risk Management Dept.)

Mr. Phongpun Krannasut
Head of Asset Management Department

Mr. Phongpun Krannasut

Ms. Sunisa Sampao
Head of Financial & Back Office Department

Ms. Sunisa Sampao

Corporate Governance Policies

Board of Directors realize and believe in the importance and utility of corporate governance, it will be the important factors for running all business efficiently in order to enhance the sustainable growth.

Corporate Governance Policies
Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to ensure trust and confidence in how the company manages your personal information, it will be kept safely under the personal information security measurements by law, and it is same international level.

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